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Dining in Seattle

Seattle's Waterfront district has several dining options that are well worth the trip to the area. Here's a brief look at some of the more inviting restaurants and cafes that call the Waterfront area home.

If you love seafood, don't forget to travel along the Alaskan Way to sample some of the Pacific Northwest's best seafood dishes!
There are many fine seafood restaurants that dot the Alaskan Way on the Waterfront. This 1.3 mile stretch of road between downtown and the Waterfront is home to many restaurants that take fish, lobster and shellfish to new heights. These restaurants often pair the freshest seafood with locally grown produce to create mouthwatering meals that will be long remembered afterwards.

Furthermore, there are many cafes and bistros that serve American fare in a relaxed environment.
These eateries are located just a mile or so north of the Waterway in the Port of Seattle (17801 International Blvd.) They are located in the piers that surround the port. These locally owned eateries are perfect for families who want to enjoy a quick lunch because they serve yummy sub sandwiches, hearty soups and many local favorites such as smoked salmon. In addition, fans of traditional American fare will also enjoy sampling cheeseburgers and hot dogs from some of the area's best fast food outlets here. Most of these eateries are open every day from about 10 AM to 7 PM for your convenience.

Finally, the Waterfront area is also home to several local vendors that serve delicious casual fare.
These vendors dot the entire Waterfront area. They often serve such things as handmade pretzels, delicious corn dogs, hot dogs, clam chowder and pizza. Furthermore, the Waterfront is also the home to several open-air vendors who serve some of the best battered fish and fried oysters in the area.

Most of these vendors set up shop by 9 AM and close by dusk. They are usually busy from 11 AM-2 PM so it's often a good idea to visit the vendors early to beat the crowds that form!

As you can see, Seattle's Waterfront area has many fun dining options to choose from! Have fun exploring these options the next time you're in Seattle!

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