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Shopping in Seattle

Seattle's Waterfront area has many famous markets. It also has many locally owned specialty stores that are lots of fun to explore. Here's a brief guide about some of the great shopping options near Seattle's Waterfront that can help people enjoy this wonderful area even more.

No trip to the Waterfront area is complete without visiting Pike Place Market.
This historical landmark is located at 85 Pike Street in the heart of the Waterfront district in downtown Seattle. It is one Seattle's largest marketplaces. It houses over 200 vendors who sell everything from fresh seafood to antiques and modern fashions. The Pike Place Market also has two bed and breakfast inns that are located onsite. It's open every day from about 8:00 AM to about 6:00 PM. There is also a nearby parking garage located at 1531 Western Avenue.

In addition, be sure to also take a tour of the many shops and cafes that reside along Alaskan Way.
The Alaskan Way is a 1.3 mile road that lies right next to the Waterfront. It is filled with many neat shops and cafes that sell all sorts of fun things to eat, wear and use.

Furthermore, there are also many antique stores that sell everything from lithographs to mid-20th century Fiestaware. These shops are located on the East End of the Waterfront and are owned by local antique enthusiasts that really know their stuff!

Finally, don't forget to have a look at some of the souvenir shops that are located near the Alaskan Way.
These shops sell everything from local T-shirts to Seattle's world famous smoked salmon. Don't forget to also look at some of the daily ongoing special these places have for even more great deals.

As you will see, Seattle's Waterfront area has many fun shops and stores to explore. In fact, there are so many fun shops located here you won't know where to start! As a result, don't forget to set aside at least one or two days out of your Seattle adventure to see what the Waterfront's shops have to offer!

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